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Change log

Version 0.9.10

  • Engine Core
    • Multi-colored text support with DrawText.
    • Allow particle and entity color saturation (above 1.0 per channel) for shining effects.
    • Keyboard input implemented on Android.
    • Compiler now accepts source files encoded without UTF-8 BOM.
    • Engine now accepts UTF-8 (with or without BOM) .ent, .esc and .par files (handy for Git versioning).
    • Correctly handling characters that need more than 2 bytes in UTF-8 (e.g. Chinese).
    • Console window hidden on Windows
    • Compilation error output much easier to read.
    • Runtime exception output now displays full callstack.
    • New function ReleaseSprite to destroy graphic resources.
    • Particle sound effects deprecated.
    • Entity destructor callback deprecated.
    • OS X port migrated to SDL 2 library.

Version 0.9.9

  • Engine Core
    • Fix AMD Radeon glitches on Mac.
    • fixedHeight glitches on OS X, Android and iOS fixed.
    • No more need to copy shaders into the data/ directory, default shaders are now compiled in the binary bundle.
    • The OS X implementation no longer uses the IrrKlang Audio API (using CocosDenshion instead).
    • Xperia Play joypad support added.
    • Android USB and Bluetooth joystick support added.
    • Partial Ouya (Android) joystick support.
    • Fix z-buffer glitches on Android.
    • New save-prerendered-lightmaps-to-file feature added.
    • Sprite glitches on some Android tablets (such as ORANGE TB1010 and GoClever) fixed.

Version 0.9.8

  • Engine Core
    • New method ETHPhysicsController::SetDensity
    • AngelScript version upgraded to 2.26.1
    • Entity vertical and horizontal flip
    • SetTimeStepScale now affects particle animation as well
    • UTF-16 encoding on Windows fixed
    • DrawText will handle 2-byte-long UTF-8 characters on OSX, Android and iOS correctly (which means most latin-derived languages are covered up)

Version 0.9.7

  • Engine Core
    • AngelScript version update including new features such as namespaces and class member initialization in declaration
    • AngelScript compilation error and warning output improved
    • End-contact callback bug fixed
    • Android/iOS FPS computing and timing operations improved
    • New method ETHPhysicsController::GetDensity
    • New method ETHEntity::SetParticleBitmap allows dynamic changes in the particle system bitmaps
    • New key code K_META for the dedicated Windows and Command keyboard keys
    • Global scaling improvement: ETHPhysicsController::ApplyLinearImpulse will consider global scaling factor
    • Global scaling improvement: ETHPhysicsController::GetLinearVelocity returns an unscaled vector in order to simplify complex physics operations on scaled scenes
    • Several minor bug fixes and optimizations

Version 0.9.6

  • Engine Core
    • OpenGL/SDL implementations compatible with Mac OS X and Linux
    • IrrKlang audio libraries implementation compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
    • Rendering pipeline improved for a more reliable model (much less sorting artifacts among entities, its particles and light halos)
    • onSceneUpdate function now called before entity callbacks
    • Now setting width and height parameters as “best” in the app.enml file will tell the engine to use the highest resolution supported by the device (desktop only)
    • New “SharedData” component that eases communication between AngelScript code and platform’s native code
    • Scene loading execution repositioned in the game loop
    • Color keying issues on OpenGL ES 2.0 fixed
    • Particle depth sorting issue on OpenGL ES 2.0 profile fixed
    • Lighting glitch on parallaxed vertical entities fixed
    • Vertex lighting profile fixed
    • Setting “best” as value for width and height in app.enml will tell the engine to use the largest screen size supported
    • ETHEntity::TurnDynamic and ::TurnStatic methods removed
    • SetFixedHeight, SetFixedWidth and SetScaleFactor will automatically rescale the scene
  • Removed features
    • DrawSpriteZ and DrawShapedSpriteZ functions removed (it was rarely used and its usage normally produces too many artifacts and may slow rendering down)
    • Halo rotation effect no longer exists (would rarely be used and it was weighing some things up)
    • ScaleEntities function removed (not necessary at all)
  • Editor
    • Collision box rendering glitch fixed
    • Default density for entity-bodies is 1.0 in the Entity editor
  • Physics simulator
    • New method ETHRevoluteJoint::GetMotorSpeed

Version 0.9.5

  • Engine Core
    • Optimizations to the file i/o that drastically reduce ENT and ESC file sizes and load times
    • vector2 math operators optimized with NEON on iOS
    • Sensor-landscape/portrait mode enabled on Android (only if supported)
    • ETHEntity::Get_ and SetX/Y/Z methods for faster access to single axis data
    • ETHEntity::SetSpriteCut method
    • Single-parameter vector2 and vector3 constructor for faster initialization
    • New GetEntitiesAroundBucket functions that ease entity area-gathering
    • app.enml file may now define specific properties for each platform (windows, android, ios, etc)
    • app.enml may #define words to the script
    • Entity culling improved
    • Entity culling on Dynamic backbuffer fixed
    • New function GetPlatformName() that returns a string that names the current platform OS
    • Full garbage collecting cycle made default
    • New script functionalities enable loading resources from encrypted packages to protect game content
    • Parallax effects drastically improved
    • It is now possible to render temporary particle effects as sprites enabling cool UI effects
    • GetProgramPath, GetExternalStoragePath and GetGlobalExternalStoragePath deprecated. Use GetResourceDirectoryGetExternalStorageDirectory and GetGlobalExternalStorageDirectory instead
    • Particle system fixes and optimizations
    • New functions GetEntitiesAroundBucket(vector2 bucketKey, ETHEntityArray &out) and some other variations of it.
    • New function GetEntitiesAroundEntity(ETHEntity@ entity, ETHEntityArray &out)
  • Physics engine improvements
    • ETHEntity::ResolveJoints method
    • Compound shapes may hold individual physical properties for each fixture
    • New presolve contact callbacks
    • DisableContact function that can disable Box2D collisions during presolve contact callbacks
  • Editor
    • Entity selection improved in scene editor (specially for rotated entities)
    • Several minor improvements
    • New option in the entity editor allows making the entity invisible in the scene editor (handy if you have entities that will only be added dynamically and don’t wan’t them being unnecessarily shown in the scene editor for picking)

2 Responses

  1. Top update, thanks! The physics are running smoothly. Just gotta learn these new functions and then just fantasy will be the border! :)

  2. Marcelo

    Por favor André, não esqueça da engine, continue fazendo updates e melhorias, sei que não é fácil e custa tempo mas essa engine é muito boa pra ser esquecida! 😀

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