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Q: Where do I start?

A: You can start from our Quick start guide.

Q: I like it. How can I help?

A: Here are some suggestions:

  • Buy Ethanon-powered games if you have an Android or an iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch!
  • Text/video tutorials: feel free to make tutorials covering any aspect of EE and I’ll be happy to add (or link, if you prefer) it to the official website or documentation.
  • Opinions and feedback: tell me about your experience using the engine, which includes the editor tools and the scripting language. If you can also tell us how you think we can improve the quality of our product, your feedback will be even more appreciated.
  • Submit your game or demo. Have you done anything cool with the engine? Share it! Send me a link to your project’s site, your videos or screen shots.

Q: Are there any games made with Ethanon Engine?

A: As the game engine is quite new, and it’s not yet finished (there are many features to be implemented specially to the editor), there aren’t many games made with it yet. You can check our game gallery to see some of the games that already use EE. If you have published anything that uses Ethanon Engine, please, let me know.

Q: Is it powerful enough for a large RPG or even a RTS game?

A: It probably is. Although its power hasn’t been extensively explored yet, the scripting language offers all necessary features. Also, the spatial hashing culling system should handle very large scenes quite well.

Q: Is it cross-platform?

A: The engine core doesn’t include a single platform-specific line of code, so, yes it is. At this time, it has implementations for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS (both mobile implementations use OpenGL ES 2.0). If you have any experience with Android or iOS development, you’re already able to run it using project templates included in the repository.
Some more useful information here.

Q: Is it necessary to know any programming language to make games with it?

A: Yes. Ethanon Engine was not designed for non-programmers. The developer must have good understanding on game logic as well.

Q: What programming language does it use?

A: It uses AngelScript, which is quite similar to C++, C# or Java.

Q: How does the lighting system work? Is it actual 2D?

A: It is based on three dimensional normal maps, so we could say that it is partially 3D. Some would call it 2.5D, but we don’t like this term at all since it might be ambiguous. It uses pixel/fragment shaders to compute lighting strength and attenuation over surfaces that are based on actual 2D sprites.

Q: How can I make my own normal maps?

A: You can either use tools that convert bump maps (also known as height maps) to normal maps (many image editors such as Gimp or Photoshop have plug-ins for that), or you can make your models in a 3D object editor such as Blender or 3DS Max and use plug-ins to render their world-space normals.
A few links:

Q: What language should I learn and how much should I know to make my own games?

A: C/C++ , Java or C# programming skills are pretty much recommended. How much you should know depends on how complex you want your game to be. Game logic understanding is essential. If you have no idea what a game loop is, or how animation and vector math works, you should google it and understand it before using Ethanon Engine.

Q: Am I allowed to sell my games? Is it free?

A: Yes you are. Yes it is free.

Q: What EXE file should I distribute with my game?

A: You should distribute your game with the machine.exe file and your main.angelscript (source-code) or the game.bin file (byte code file, in case you don’t want to share your source-code). When your game is finished, you can rename the machine.exe to whatever_the_name_of_your_game_is.exe.

Q: Can I protect my source code?

A: Yes. Just distribute your game with the game.bin instead of the main.angelscript file. The game.bin file will be automatically generated every time you run the machine.exe and it finds the main.angelscript source-code.

Q: Can I make on-line games with it?

A: Yes, but for now only if you know any C/C++ network library and write your own Ethanon Engine plug-in that binds the network functions and objects to AngelScript.
There are plans for native network function bindings and objects in the future.

Q: Is Ethanon Engine commercial?

A: It is free software, but it doesn’t mean that it is not commercial. Your game studio may request features and get personal or group training. Contact me for more info: 

10 Responses

  1. Chacal

    Olá, gostaria de tirar uma dúvida.
    Eu sou programador intermediário e gostaria de saber se, a partir de uma libraria de aplicações Networking como o @libcw seria possível utilizar a Ethanon Engine para criar um MMORPG, este por sua vez seria side-scroller. Além desta dúvida, gostaria de sugerir que postassem exemplos e tutoriais mais elaborados que sigam diversos níveis de dificuldade como Iniciante, Intermediário e Avançado. E não menos importante, gostaria de parabenizar você (e sua equipe) pelo incrível trabalho feito e principalmente à imagem que isto significa para os desenvolvedores brasileiros.
    Grande abraço, Chacal.

    • andre.santee

      Oi Chacal, se você modificar o o source do game para adicionar funcionalidades novas à angelscript você poderia sim. Se você tem algum entendimento de C++ talvez não será um grande problema.

  2. Alfonso Paulson

    This seems like a great engine.
    i will try it out.

    but my big question is…PSP? would i be able to create something that can be used on a psp?

  3. zha

    hi, I have a question, why I can’t use print_int print_float function? i use version is 0.8.6.thanks

  4. nahuen89

    hola disculpa se puede hacer una luz direcciónal estilo una linterna para un juego shooter??
    quiero empezar a aprender mas sobre como usar el engine pero no veo nada como para crear la linterna.
    hello apology can make a directional light a lantern style for a shooter game?
    I want to start learning more about how to use the engine but I see nothing to create the lantern.
    sorry for my English


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