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December update

Published on December 29, 2012 by in news

I’ve been working hard on our next game by Asantee Games (powered by Ethanon Engine, of course) so I delayed some other things that have been anticipated, like the Mac OS X SDK, which I decided to release along with Ethanon v0.9.7, coming soon.

In the community news, our new forums are online! I hope you will find it useful! :)

On the documentation side, I’ve just made a video that shows how to setup rich lights in a scene with Ethanon. I was too shy to record voice-over, maybe the next time.

As you see I used the beta version of EE for Mac OS X, it turns out the Mac environment eases the authoring of this kind of content, you probably saw that as some OS X screenshots popped in the docs.

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  1. Voukras

    Thanks, it’s nice to stay posted. Video tutorials are also pretty handy.

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