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Ethanon 0.9.4 (early) release

It’s been a while since my latest email with a deeper insight of the current engine development status. Plenty of things have happened as well, so I’ll try to make a long story shorter.

New documentation

We (me and Bruno) are still working on the new documentation which is being developed along with a web-based system to manage the documentation and the developer community itself. As you might have noticed, the new documentation is quite delayed. (Un)fortunately, many of the things that happened recently to our game company have caused this delay, but don’t be alarmed, the engine’s still running (literally :))

Due to this gigantic delay, I decided to release the new version earlier, so you can have a glimpse of the engine while we’re working to provide good documentation for the new features.

Move to github

Most of you have noticed that the project is no longer hosted at the SourceForge’s SVN. I’m now working on GitHub and slowly migrating everything. The SourceForge’s page is not getting updated since may 2012!

The new download page is: https://github.com/asantee/ethanon/downloads
And the early (it’s early because it is not fully documented yet) version 0.9.4 of the Ethanon SDK is out!

New features

Ethanon has been ported to Android and iOS and many improvements to the engine core have been made to make these ports possible. Also many new features are out there.

Items listed below are not documented yet

Major ones:

  • Box 2D physics: since Ethanon won’t give direct access to Box2D’s API (there will always be AngelScript in between), not every single feature in Box2D is available just yet, but probably all the stuff you’ll need on your game is there, with a much higher level and easier to use:
    • Static and dynamic bodies editable in the editor (box, circle, polygon and compound shapes)
    • Access to the b2Body interface (control linear velocity, impulses, etc.)
    • Sensor, bullet, restitution and all that stuff
    • Contact callbacks in AngelScript
    • Revolute joints to connect entities with all motor features
    • Raycasting
  • Global scaling system: set global scale factors to help you fit the game equally on many differect screen dimensions
  • Entity constructor and destructor callbacks: self explanatory :)

Minor ones

  • Touch input and accelerometer detection on Android or iOS (from ETHInput)
  • Differentiate between files in the application package/bundle and the ones in the shared memory (external storage location)
  • Edit entity physics properties from the entity editor
  • Minor editor bug fixes
  • Many new helper functions and methods on the AngelScript side (which are getting documented)
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