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March 2014 heads up

Published on March 2, 2014 by in news

Hello everyone! Most of you have noticed my lack of updates and support in the forums. The thing is, I’ve been super busy with Magic Rampage now, and I will need to spend all my focus and efforts in the game during the upcoming weeks. Since it uses Ethanon, it means that the work in the engine will keep moving forward, but a bit slower for now.

Lots of things happened around Ethanon lately, so I’ll do a quick recap…

Our friends at HARDPIXEL GAMES and Pulsar Game Studio developed their game Inducere using Ethanon Engine, in the Global Game Jam 2014 Curitiba Brazil, check it out!

Henrique Kraemer released yet another Ethanon-powered game for Android, Tic Tac Toe.

Last, but not least, Dead Teddy, a game development studio based in Australia, has released a indiegogo (crowd funding) campaign for their Ethanon-powered game CATHARSIS.  Concept art looks brilliant! Contribute!

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