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September 2014 heads up

Published on September 1, 2014 by in news

Hi everyone! I’ve been asked a lot lately what is the current progress status of Ethanon. This is why I decided to write this quick update so you guys can catch up with me.

The Magic Rampage project is doing fine, at least for my expectations, and I’m still super busy with it. This is the main reason why I have lowered down by a lot how often I submit my regular updates to the Ethanon project. However, I’ve just finished the first “season” of the game (this is how I’m calling it), and I intend to start building up¬†things for the next season as soon as I finish releasing Magic Rampage on other platforms as it was planned at the beginning.

Magic Rampage is a much larger project compared to my previous ones, and I’ve been taking many notes on how the engine should be improved from the game developer’s perspective, mainly focusing on productivity for larger projects. I believe it will bring major usability and functionality enhancements.

While I start building up for the next project is when I plan to execute all major overhauls and updates to the Ethanon project. Which is more likely to happen during late 2014 or early 2015.

One last thing, I’m sorry I have been a bit absent from the forums. If anyone has an urgent issue, feel free to write to the mailing list which I’ve been using a bit more often now.

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