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Version 0.9.10 released

Asantee Games is about to release its new Ethanon-powered game, an action-RPG platformer of which you’ll learn more about very soon. But traditionally, along with the new game release, I’m making available a newer version of Ethanon Engine with all the improvements that were necessary to make the game possible.

Among the most significant ones is the improved compiler output, which formats each warning and error indicator in a way that makes them much easier to track. Runtime exceptions within AngelScript code now output complete callstacks to the console.

Also, the file manager inside the engine core now automatically identifies source file encoding (UTF-8 with or without BOM and UTF-16), which means that it is no longer necessary to keep all .angelscript files as UTF-8 with BOM (this one would annoy many unwarned beginners), and most important of all, .par, .ent and .esc files no longer need to keep the UTF-16 format, making them versionable by GIT.

And last, but not least, it is now possible to set multiple text colours in a single DrawText call, and the Android port has also a better physical keyboard support, great for gaming on those sort-of Android netbooks.

As always, more details are in the change-log.

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