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What’s coming next

I have just updated the source code page with a list describing all major features coming next on v0.9.5. Among the features I intend to implement before releasing a beta version, is the package system that allows locking all game resources in an encrypted package to protect game media on windows.

  • Engine Core
    • Optimizations to the file i/o that drastically reduce ENT and ESC file sizes and load times
    • vector2 math operators optimized with NEON on iOS
    • Sensor-landscape/portrait mode enabled on Android (only if supported)
    • ETHEntity::Get_ and SetX/Y/Z methods for faster access to single axis data
    • ETHEntity::SetSpriteCut method
    • Single-parameter vector2 and vector3 constructor for faster initialization
    • New GetEntitiesAroundBucket functions that ease entity area-gathering
    • app.enml file may now define specific properties for each platform (windows, android, ios, etc)
    • app.enml may #define words to the script
    • Entity culling improved
    • Entity culling on Dynamic backbuffer fixed
    • New function GetPlatformName() that returns a string that names the current platform OS
  • Physics engine improvements
    • ETHEntity::ResolveJoints method
    • Compound shapes may hold individual physical properties for each fixture
  • Editor
    • Entity selection improved in scene editor (specially for rotated entities)
    • Several minor improvements
    • New option in the entity editor allows making the entity invisible in the scene editor (handy if you have entities that will only be added dynamically and don’t wan’t them being unnecessarily shown in the scene editor for picking)
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5 Responses

  1. Tellei

    “is the package system that allows locking all game resources in an encrypted package to protect game media on windows.” it’s cool :)

    “Several minor improvements” is the bug with shadows has been fixed? When I load my entity with shadowcaster and add lighting in 0.9.5 shadows are drawing upper sprite, but in 0.8.1 there is no any glitches with lighting

    • andre.santee

      Hi Tellei, please send me screenshots and more detailed info by e-mail (andre dot santee at gmail) so I can fix it to the next update

  2. Hi, Andre!
    I’m glad that your engine is evolving. New features are really cool :)

  3. Some major transformations are engine code, Physics engine and editor improvements which implement in beta version. Over all included new features are too much better.

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