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Sublime plug-in is out!

Published on October 25, 2012 by in news

If you don’t know what Sublime is yet, you should Google it immediately. I’m talking about the most awesome multi-purpose text/code editing tool that I have seen in a long time. I’m not wasting too many words describing how cool some of its features are because its official website landing page does it quite well.

As you guys might already know, the current official text editing tool for Ethanon is SciTE. We’ve been using it because it is free. It is quite handy most of the times but hardcore coders do miss many features that most modern text editing tools offer.

The good news for you guys is that a new Sublime Plug-in for Ethanon is being developed and its most important features are working, thanks to Phelipe Fabres (the newest member on our team in case you haven’t heard of him yet). It already does everything SciTE does, except it is much better now, which includes basic syntax highlighting, in-file code completion and build/compile shortcuts.

If you want to try it, get it directly from our git repository. I plan releasing a easy-to-intall package as soon as I confirm it is stable enough. So please, test it and give us your feedback!

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What’s coming next

I have just updated the source code page with a list describing all major features coming next on v0.9.5. Among the features I intend to implement before releasing a beta version, is the package system that allows locking all game resources in an encrypted package to protect game media on windows.

  • Engine Core
    • Optimizations to the file i/o that drastically reduce ENT and ESC file sizes and load times
    • vector2 math operators optimized with NEON on iOS
    • Sensor-landscape/portrait mode enabled on Android (only if supported)
    • ETHEntity::Get_ and SetX/Y/Z methods for faster access to single axis data
    • ETHEntity::SetSpriteCut method
    • Single-parameter vector2 and vector3 constructor for faster initialization
    • New GetEntitiesAroundBucket functions that ease entity area-gathering
    • app.enml file may now define specific properties for each platform (windows, android, ios, etc)
    • app.enml may #define words to the script
    • Entity culling improved
    • Entity culling on Dynamic backbuffer fixed
    • New function GetPlatformName() that returns a string that names the current platform OS
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Project news

Published on September 10, 2012 by in news

Today we officially release the brand new Ethanon Engine website! As you might have noticed, it also features a developer blog in which I will keep you guys up-to-date with the recent news and events regarding the project. Also, I have plans to use this space to post small tutorials and articles covering specific aspects of the game engine once in a while.

If you are curious about the latest project updates, I have already opened a git branch for the version 0.9.5, which features several new utility methods, code optimizations, usability improvements and more, so make sure you follow us on Github to keep your eyes on it.

Don’t forget to add Ethanon blog to your news feed!

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Ethanon 0.9.4 (early) release

It’s been a while since my latest email with a deeper insight of the current engine development status. Plenty of things have happened as well, so I’ll try to make a long story shorter.

New documentation

We (me and Bruno) are still working on the new documentation which is being developed along with a web-based system to manage the documentation and the developer community itself. As you might have noticed, the new documentation is quite delayed. (Un)fortunately, many of the things that happened recently to our game company have caused this delay, but don’t be alarmed, the engine’s still running (literally :))

Due to this gigantic delay, I decided to release the new version earlier, so you can have a glimpse of the engine while we’re working to provide good documentation for the new features.

Read more…

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